Clear IPL

How it works

Clearlight using a Xenon lamp(430~989nm wavelength) is delivering intense light within a short period of time and designed for skin brightening. Clearlight uses a noninvasive way to deliver light energy deep into the skin layer and treats various skin problems with a range of filters.


  1. Easy filter change
  2. Status LED
  3. Wide spot
  4. Simple and sleek body design
  5. Built-in filter holder
  6. LCD touch screen & user friendly UI
  7. Emergency Switch

Q: Is it okay to treat with different filters in ncombinations?

A: It is ok to treat with different filters in combination depending on the problem of the skin after consulting with a medical specialist. However, the number of sessions should be set to fit the skin condition of the patient.

Q: Is the treatment painful?

A. When laser energy is delivered to the derma layer, you may feel sharp pain directly after treatment but you won’t feel pain as time passes. You may feel heat flush but it will be gone within 1~2 hours. Scabs can be formed over the wounds but they will be gone within a couple of days.

Q: How often should I get treatments?

A: The recommended interval between treatments should be around 2~3 weeks.


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