duet rf

how it works

Duet RF is performing Fractional RF system and Thermal RF system in combination or separately. It is a skincare system which is effective to treat skin lesions as it is noninvasive and delivers RF energy deep into the dermal layer.

Thermal RF system

NTTS (Non-pole Thermal Transmission Structure) delivers uniform Thermal RF energy into the dermal Layer without epidermis damage

Fractional RF system

AFMR(Advanced Fractional Multi-polarity Radiofrequency) delivers focused RF energy through each electrode into the skin


AEasy mounting system of treatment tips
The L-shaped connecting hole makes it easy to mount the tip on the hand piece and to perform treatments.

BTreatment Status LED
When RF energy is shot, the Status LED turns red so you can check the treatment state.

CErgonomic design of the hand piece, the trigger
It is designed as a shape of a trigger to make it easy to press the energy shot button with the lower fingers when you grab the hand piece.

DLight and flexible cable
The cable is wrapped around by PVC material and designed to move flexibly with any small movements in order to treat the small target areas meticulously.

EBuilt-in hand piece holder
It is designed to put the hand piece directly on the body of the device and minimizes the risk of interrupting operating movements. In addition, as it is possible to put the hand piece safely in the holder with or without a cartridge, you can conveniently put it on the holder at any time of the operation.

FWide touch screen + Interactive UI
The interactive UI chooses automatically the right UI according to the type of tip.

GGround Pad holder for easy maintenance of the device
It is easy to maintain the device components due to the attached holder where the ground pad can be rested in.

Q: Is it possible to undergo two treatments simultaneously?

A:It is possible when the duration and the level of the treatment are set right. You should get the treatment depending on the skin condition of each patient after consulting with a medical specialist.

Q: How long does it take?
A: Thermal RF and Fractional RF treatments take a short time: approximately 10~15 minutes each

Q: is the treatment painful? Is there any need for anesthesia?

A: It is not necessary to put a patient under anesthesia although the patient may feel low heat during Thermal RF treatment. You may feel minor stinging pain during the treatment of Fractional RF and anesthetic cream will be applied. You should get treatments only after full consultation with a medical specialist

Q: What kind of symptoms will you experience after treatments?

A:  You may experience minor hot flush and stinging pain but the symptoms will be gone within several hours or a couple of days. Scabs from Fractional RF will be gone within 3~4 days. Usually you will be able to perform all activities in everyday life within a week.

Q: How many treatments are needed to get desired effects?

A: You may feel improvements directly after one treatment. You can decide how many treatments are needed for you after consulting with a medical specialist.


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