Plapen Dual

How it work

PlapenDual is creating the concentrated form of plasma by using molecule in the air as the medium and focusing momentary and string energy, which case to affect ion bond between molecules and atoms.
Using plasma developed in this way, this medical device with 2 types of handpieces and 4 tips is used in improving skin and diseases.
Its major indications vary, including skin sterilization, improvement of skin rhytids and drooped eyelid, removal of blemishes and spots, removal of milium, etc.


1. Plasma
– Bi-directional needle design for versatile use.
– Convenience of hand piece button start lock design.

2 . Multi Handpiece & Tips
– Solve a wide range of adaptations with 3 types of tips.
– Convenience of hand piece button start lock design.

3 . Touch screen
– 10 inch touch screen
– Easy UI for user convenience.

Q: Who should avoid the treatment?

A: Pregnant women, Patients with scars or infection on the treated area, People with keloid lesion, Patients with a mechanical heart assist device, People with sensitive skin, Patients with tumor, Patients with metal pins installed inside of the body, People with special conditions for operation.

Q: What is Plasma?

A: Generally, the state of matter is classified as 3 types, solid .liquid and gas. Liquid or gas matter converted from the state of solid by energy exerted becomes to be plasma by high energy exerted again, as its electrons and atomic nucleus are separated. Therefore, plasma is also called ‘the 4th matter’. Ions generated from plasma have bactericidal, anti-infective, anti-virus and anti-inflammatory effect as well as strong ablation effect on the surfaces; therefor, are effective in local site treatment.

Q: What is the Plasma effect?

A: 1) Sterilization
2) Sublimation
3) Wrinkle Treatment
4) Toning Effect
5) Transdermal drug delivery
6) Skin Regeneration


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