Ycellbio Tubes

More Platelets, More Effective Results

Ycellbio Blood Separation Tubes are engineered to produce ideal blood layer separation , increasing concentration of platelets 7-9x in a single 4 minute spin. The innovative “Y-Cell” tube design quickly helps separate platelet counts (1,500,000-2,000,000 platelets/ul) in a single spin. Best -in-industry platelet counts mean more potent PRP from less blood. The Ycellbio Tubes are designed to be compatible with most centrifuges without any adaptations. 

Easy Extraction

The innovative Y design makes it easy for any professional to attain ideal blood layer separation. By using the level control to move the platelet layer up or down into perfect position, Ycellbio Tubes make it easy to have controlled extraction every time.

Industry leading 7-9x concentration means platelets become clearly observable making extraction and RBC isolution easier than any other product in the industry. 

The Effective Inexpensive PLC-O2 Centrifuge


  • The best-selling centrifuge at inexpensive price that everyone can afford.
  • To provide a optimal result of blood separation for PRP treatment and a desired testing for test tubes containing in vitro diagnostic specimens for qualitative or quantitative test procedures, ideal for general laboratory in hospital, school, veterinary, biochemistry, blood bank, industry,
  • Fixed-angle rotor features to collect sediment diagonally in the It creates the higher speed and RCF.
  • Speed regulated from 1000rpm to the maximum within 15
  • Choice of variable speed regulation or fixed speed at 3000rpm or anywhere as
  • Choice of automatic shutout safety system when lid is opened during Extra cost is required.
  • Anti-vibration rubber buffer balances rotor when spinning, and also protect equipment during transportation.
  • Timer activated centrifuge, the LED pilot lamp indicates the power is switched
  • The heavy casting iron base and 3 rubber suction feet prevent the unit from creeping and
  • This unit complies with CE electromagnetic compatibility requirement of EN60601-1-2 and IEC801 series
  • Air intake holes in chamber help keep centrifuge cool during the extended

PLCO2 Specifications

Max. RPM 1,000-4,000 rpm (or 4500tpm)
Max. capacity 10-15 ㎖ x 6
Dimension (W x D x G) mm 270 x 270 x 250
Run time ≤ 60 min.



AC, High torque carbon brush, 2 poels
Power 115V/60HZ or 230V/50HZ
Rotor 45˚fixed angle rotor
Weight 5.5 kg

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