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Hydra Spring VII

equipment’s advantages

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Skin Peeling:

Deep skin cleaning, removing dead skin cells, detox, pore tightening, sebum control, and blackhead & whitehead removal acne care.



Melts fat and cellulitis cells, maintains skin texture, smooth massage effect (helps to produce collagen elastin, activates the fibroblast and enhances skin elasticity)

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Multipolar RF:

Collagen remodeling and improve skin elasticity. Dissolves fat & cellulite cell, promotes the blood circulation and lymphatic system. Safe and painless, with immediate effect.



Stimulates skin tissue, hair roots and muscles, to give skin elasticity and aid anti-aging. Can match with functional mask pack to provide nutrients, promote cellular activity and effects on skin regeneration, skin lightening, wrinkles and trouble skin



(Face Firming Improves and prevent skin aging, narrow coarse pores, whitening skin, activates oxygen to skin.

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Cool and Heat

Cooling and Heating allows shrinking of pores or opening to allow delivery of solutions (such as hyaluronic acid, and other serums)

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Oxygen Spraying

Oxygen delivery system for cleanses and delivers serums of your choice.

Key Benefits of the Hydra-Spring VII

Hydrogen Therapy Clean

HS7’s aqua-delivery system includes a unique Hydrogen therapy step utilizing water infused with Hydrogen. The high concentration of Hydrogen reacts with active Oxygen in the skin that is linked to drying and aging. The Hydrogen bonds with the Oxygen to form bound water molecules that are then extracted via the radial tips. This unique HS7 step provides antioxidant and moisturization benefits as well as reduces inflammation.

Multi-Dimensional Experience

Two additional handpieces on the HS7 round out this multi-dimensional aesthetic treatment. Electrical pulse hand-piece open pores to maximize solution absorption with red and blue LED light for targeted treatments. Double-lifting handpiece activates lymphatic circulation, provides muscle relaxation, skin tightening and lifting effects. These extra steps round out the ultimate HS7 facial.

Target Skin Concerns

Three nutrient-rich solutions optimize skin revitalization. HS7 infuses deep into the skin Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) and Hyaluronic Acid to address top skincare needs: exfoliating, oil control and moisturization. Dial-up the volume of one of these solutions to offer a more customizable treatment.

Common Benefits of Hydra-Spring VII’s Solutions:

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acid: AHA’s are primarily used to exfoliate, amongst promoting collagen and blood flow, improving appearance of surface lines and wrinkles, preventing acne breakouts, brightening complexion, and increasing product absorption.  

  • Beta Hydroxy Acid: BHA’s are primarily used to reduce the signs of aging in the skin, while also exfoliating and improving overall skin texture.  

  • Hyaluronic Acid: Best known for its hydration properties and ability to retain moisture results in healthier, plumper, and more radiant looking skin.

Dial-up the volume of one of these solutions to offer a more customizable and deep-cleansing treatment.



Tornado Tip Large/Small
Vacuum Range Max 680mmHg
Radio Frequency 1Mhz, Multi Polar (6Pol)
ION Lifting 500Hz (Digital ion Lifting)

1Mhz/ 2W / cm²

User Interface

10inch Color Touch LCD

Input Voltage

100-120V, 50/60Hz | 220-240V, 50/60Hz

Noise Level



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