Equipment’s advantages

A. Flexible Plate Technology
When applied to the curved part of the face, the tip moves flexibly to fit the skin without having to hold the handpiece vertically on the skin | Ensures uniform intensity on any part of the face during treatment

B. Variable Tips
Improved convenience of treatment with variable tips
(large and small)

C. Stimulation of skin cells through micro-vibrations
Tips move up and down repeatedly to stimulate the skin, 10-step speed control and depth control enable delicate treatment

D. Microtips that help the solution penetrate
Microtips create micro-perforations on the skin surface to infiltrate the solution without loss | The natural body regeneration process induced by the micro-perforations promotes the cell activation function

E. Delicate treatment available
Small tips provide the procedures to spot areas such as nose and bunny lines

F. Red LED 
Hyperjet’s Red LED supresses melanin synthetics and melanin pigment production to create a whitening effect

how it works

Scalp and Facial Treatment

– The tips of the Hyper Jet stimulate the scalp or skin, increasing blood circulation, and creates micro-perforations to help the solution penetrate in the scalp.

– The solution that is infiltrated without loss acts effectively on the scalp or skin, improving various indications. In addition, the wound-healing process induced by the micro-perforations help cell activation.

– The scalp or skin becomes healthy and the scalp or skin troubles will be resolved.



Type Vibration
Frequency 70 Hz ~ 160 Hz
Voltage DC 12 V
Consumption Power Max 40 VA
Weight 858g (NET)
Dimension 250 x 140 x 66mm(NET) / 125.5 x 20ΓΈ (Handpiece)