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Impul X3

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equipment’s advantages

Laser Handpieces

Muneras engineering has made it possible to create energy sources inside the handpiece that are capable of high-performing treatments of vascular and pigmented lesions, hair removal, tattoo removal and much more. The Impul X3 Laser handpieces are lightweight and easy to operate, and also offer built-in contact cooling for greater comfort and safety.

Key Benefits of Impul-X3

Pulsed Light Handpieces

  • Drawing on its long-standing experience, Munera has developed a new generation of pulsed light handpieces that offer many benefits. Impul-X3 has greater power for quicker, more effective treatments, optimized cooling for improved safety and patient comfort and a light and ergonomic design.

  • Choose a handpiece with interchangeable filters or a powerful solution with fixed notch filters.  The customization for your patients and your practice is unparalleled.

Sensible ROI

  • Munera’s IPL makes financial sense for those practices looking to invest in an all-in-one solution that can perform a breadth of treatments. With nearly 300 protocols and the ability to grow with your practice, return on investment can be maximized without the stress of having to predict what your needs might be in the future.

Versatility Today & Tomorrow

  • A single, reliable system with plug-and-play handpiece connectivity, the Impul-X3 Laser provides unmatched flexibility to perform a range of aesthetic treatments. The modular design and seven available handpieces means your practice can offer patients the results they are looking for today and expand as your practice and patient needs change.



Light Source

Xenon Lamp



Transfer System

Crystal Light Guide

Safety Category

Class1 Type B

Pulse Duration

IPL:2-9.9ms | SHR:2-10ms

Repetition Rate

1-10Hz for HR: 2-10Hz for FP

Hand Piece Dimension

HR:0.6x57mm   SR:8x34mm

Cooling System

Semiconsuctor, Water, & Air Cooling


525 x 490 x 1080mm



Fuse Spec

F15AL, 250V

Input Power



AC230V, 50Hz



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