Picocare majesty



– Provides the shortest pulse duration,
250ps among the current pico lasers
– High peak power up to 2 GW
– Stable laser output (Deviation: within 1.7%)


– Faster and more effective treatment results with low energy
– Effective in the treatment of tattoos that
have reached their limit to be improved
– Patient-tailored treatment using 7 types of
handpieces and 4 types of wavelengths


– A clinic that has the latest pico laser
system with 250ps pulse width
– Wide indication range from pigmentation
to scar, pore and improvement of skin laxity
– Possible to compose various treatment
– More powerful effects with fewer session
– Less side effects

how it works

Tattoo Removal

• Effective even for light-colored tattoos
that have reached their limit to be treated
• Safe and effective for small pigment particle
• Fast and powerful with only a small
amount of energy
• Removal of tattoo without skin damage
Reduces the number of treatments by half
while doubling the treatment effect

Improvement of Scar, Pore, and Skin Texture

• Effective for skin pores and scars by
applying Pico-Fraxel treatment
• Short recovery period with only a small
amount of energy, better clinical effect
with high peak power
• Makes your bumpy skin smooth by Majesty
• A pore eraser, Pico Care Majesty

Dermal Rejuvenation and Skin Tightening

• Collagen formation and regeneration
through LIOB formation
• Improve the skin’s condition through
dermal remodelling
• Improvement of rough skin and fine lines
• Improves uneven skin tone and elasticity




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