Recell Ice

Combination of Fractional Micro Needle RF with Vacuum Technology and Cryo System


Recell Ice provides cryo-anesthesia with its Cryo system, enables to do fractional micro needle treatment. Cryo system saves time as it does not need applying and waiting time for anesthesia cream, and provides instant treatment with cryo-anesthesia. Fractional Micro Needle RF with Vacuum Technology is non-surgical treatment using needles.


Needle RF Handpiece

  • Minimal point using Ø16 thin RF needle, 25pin(5×5), 10pin(5×2) non-insulated needle
  • Non-insulated needle:

Apply on the proper skin layer based on each target

  • Micro needle bi-polar RF effects directly on the 
  • The fine penetration depth control function through Vacuum-based Suction(Skin-up) can be customized to fit a variety of skin conditions

Cryo Handpiece

Temperature sensor which is installed in handpiece helps to maintain the set temperature, the lowest temperature is -10℃.

There are 1~3 level for Cryo levels.

Cryo system provides cryo-anesthesia.



Energy Type       Radio Frequency & Cryo

Handpiece         Needle RF handpiece Cryo handpiece

Imput Power     10pin, 25pin

Dimension         AC 100~240V, 50 / 60Hz 368 x 461 x 255 (mm)